Unique research and production complex in Russia, the world's largest in terms of production and technological areas, UVZ always been at the forefront of Russian industry. "The world's first, unique, unique ..." - these words for decades determined the biography of the enterprise.

Uralvagonzavod traces its history to 1931 when its construction began in the Ural-Kuznetsk military-industrial center.
11 October 1936 the assembly line went down the first heavy-duty trucks. Only during the prewar period Uralvagonzavod produced 35,400 platforms, gondola cars (gondolas), covered wagons. It is twice more than the company released all of Railcar USSR during the First and Second Five-Year Plans.
In August 1941, by decision of the State Defense Committee on the basis of Uralvagonzavod and 12 of the evacuated enterprises was created Ural Tank Plant № 183 to them. Comintern. Total production for 2 months it was rebuilt to military production. Almost every third tank, took part in the hostilities, rolled out of the Ural Tank Factory. In total during the war years in the squares UTZ been collected 25,000 combat vehicles. That's more than all the factories in Germany (23 thousand tanks), combined.
For his contribution to the victory of collective UTZ № 183 to them. Comintern was awarded the Red Banner of Labour (1942), Red Flag (1943), World War 1 degree (1945). In 1944, the Tank Design Bureau was awarded the Order of Lenin.
With the T-34 actually began domestic design school tank building, which has developed and matured within the walls of Uralvagonzavod. Postwar tanks of the T-44 to T-62 kept fighting traditions "Thirty." Fire, armor, maneuver embodied in the massive tank of our T-72, formed the basis of ground forces in many countries. For its creation and organization of production Uralvagonzavod was awarded the Order of Lenin (1970) and the October Revolution (1976).
The new generation of Russian tanks - rocket-gun tank T-90S tanks with reactive armor and opto-electronic system of fire suppression on combination of combat and technical characteristics are not only not inferior to the best tanks in other countries, but in many ways surpasses them.
Continuation of the design thought tank designers were machine engineering technical support arms which are used not only military but also for peaceful purposes: to help in the aftermath of accidents, earthquakes.
Approximately 100,000 units of armored vehicles fired UVZ, since 1941 - and it's an absolute world record in tank.
Today UVZ - a diversified engineering union, which produces about 200 kinds of products.
The enterprise has been developed and in 1990-ies. put into production the most modern designs of high road construction and utility vehicles.
In accordance with the objectives of the priority national project "Agro-Industrial Complex", experts UVZ was developed and put into series production of universal tractors RTM-160. Despite his young age, he already has a prestigious awards show, and most importantly - an excellent reputation on the fields of the country.
UVZ - Russia's largest developer and manufacturer of various types of freight cars, gondola cars, trucks, trucks, tank-containers. They - his business card. Since 1979, the company switched to production of all-metal gondola cars. All with the assembly line went off about a million cars for different purposes.
Tsisternostroenie began with cryogenic production association (founded in 1954). UVZ made a significant contribution to the design and manufacture of systems and equipment to launch artificial satellites (starting with the launch of the first on Oct. 4, 1957), and manned space vehicles, reusable space system, "Energy-Buran", and also participated in an international program of the Sea Start.
To perform large-scale projects helping unite a powerful intellectual and technological potential. At UVZ form a strong Scientific School, presented the Ural car-building design bureau, the Ural Transport Machine Building Design Bureau, the Ural Scientific-technological complex, the Center for Materials Research and Testing, and other experimental design offices nationwide level.
UVZ - a company with high quality production, based on the prevailing technological and intellectual tradition.
Today Uralvagonzavod headed integrated structure comprises more than 20 industrial enterprises, research institutes and design offices in five federal districts of Russia.