Jun 03, 2016

UVZ World Premiere at KADEX-2016

In Astana, an air base of the of the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan hosted the 4th international exhibition of weapons and military equipment – KAZAKHSTAN DEFENCE EXPO – 2016. The major event at KADEX-2016 was the premiere presentation of Barys APC by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering, LLP equipped with a 57 mm automatic turret mounting cannon AU-220M by Research and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod, JSC. Mr. Oleg Sienko, CEO of the Corporation, had the honor of the solemn presentation of the vehicle to Mr. Nursultan Nazarbaev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He told the Head of the Republic about the unique 57 mm automatic gun mount AU-220 manufactured by Central Research and Development Institute Burevestnik, JSC (a member of Uralvagonzavod Corporation), and integrated on the Kazakh-made 8x8 platform.

Unmanned combat module has been designed as a remotely controlled combat system capable of rotating 360 degrees in azimuth. It is intended for prospective and upgradable armored combat vehicles to increase the firepower of motorized rifle and infantry units. The power of 57 mm gun ammunition allows for hitting the majority of existing armored targets on the battlefield. As of now, there are no APCs or ICVs in the world that could withstand a shot of AU-220M.

Main features of the mount: the firing range is up to 12 km, the firing rate is 120 rounds per minute. Besides, as mentioned earlier, it has astonishing mobility of 360 degrees rotation in azimuth and from -5 to +75 degrees in elevation.

According to Mr. Okas Saparov, Deputy Defense Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as early as in 2016 the first ordered Barys APCs designed in collaboration with UVZ Corporation, will be supplied to the armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Besides, the first day of KADEX-2016 UVZ Corporation exposition was visited by the representatives of the Kazakh Ministry of Defense headed by the Minister Mr. Imangali Tasmagambetov. They were able to see the modernized tank T-72, demonstrated for the first time in Kazakhstan, equipped with a fire control system and a thermal sight in a new configuration, as well as with mortar weapons and remotely controlled combat platforms made in the City of Omsk.