Mar 29, 2016

21st Century UVZ Corporation Weaponry in India

At the 9th International Exhibition of land and naval armaments – DEFEXPO 2016, which is held in India on March 28–31, Uralvagonzavod Corporation presents its military-purpose products, and its new technical developments.

For the first time at an exhibition abroad, Uralvagonzavod has displayed, a unique tank-mounted system for launching remotely detonated high-explosive projectiles, using a 125-mm ZVOF128 tank round with a high-explosive ZOF82 time projectile, which surpasses its global peers in terms of characteristics.

The system for remotely detonated projectiles may be installed on Т-72, Т-80 and Т-90 tanks, multiplying their combat effectiveness in all types of combat operations. The system includes a tank-born projectile programming control equipment and a 125-mm tank round ZVOF128 with ZOF82 fragmentation projectile for remote detonation along the trajectory. The projectile is intended to hit various types of armed targets, a wide range of unarmored and lightly-armored targets, including small surface targets, as well as air low-speed targets, such as unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters.

The tank-mounted system for launching remotely detonated high-explosive projectiles was highly appreciated by the representatives of the Indian Defense Ministry and the Egyptian Defense Ministry, as well as other participants and guests of the exhibition, who visited the UVZ exposition. They also had a chance to see the models of TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system, the upgraded T-90MS tank, the upgraded T-72 tank, the tank support combat vehicle, as well as IMR-ЗM engineering obstacle-clearing machine, BREM-1M armored repair and evacuation machine and other products of Uralvagonzavod Corporation.

During the first day, Mr. Aleksandr Potapov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, held a number of meetings with the leaders of the Ministry of Defense of India, which were hosted by UVZ exposition.