Jul 14, 2016

Uralvagonzavod Presents the Newest Excavator

The Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation has presented an EO-41211A 23-ton tracked excavator at the INNOPROM-2016 Trade Fair. In creating the machine, specialists of the Urals Design Bureau for Transport Engineering, which is a division of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation, resorted to design solutions used in the Armata tank, as well as other innovations that enhance competitiveness of the road construction equipment.     

For example, EO-41211A features an innovative tracked power pack with overhang mounting of track rollers that provides easy access to block units and mechanisms, and assures a high degree of chassis components self-cleaning. This feature was first used in the UVZ excavator and then patented.

Innovations include the YaMZ-534 four-cylinder turbo-charging, 135 kW diesel engine made in Yaroslavl. Its electronic control and electronic hydraulics system power regulation provide for optimum operation and fuel saving. A pre-launch heater with a timer eases the engine start-up at lower temperatures. The self-extraction function makes it possible to combine the excavator movement with operating tools pull-up while the automatic pressure increase feature improves the excavator off-road mobility on the move.

In designing the EO-41211A, engineers did not overlook the operator, creating for him a modern, convenient and safe cabin. It is ergonomic and fitted with a driver protection system in case it overturns. Another system protects the operator against objects accidentally falling onto the cabin roof. A climate control unit maintains a comfortable temperature in the cabin in all seasons.

The excavator presented at the INNOPROM Fair is fitted with a standard size bucket. It has five teeth manufactured from special steel and subjected to carbide-tungsten laser treatment. This makes the bucket especially strong, which is extremely important for the excavator operation. At the customer’s request, the excavator can be fitted with auxiliary devices like a ripper, trench digging bucket, extra-large bucket, bulk materials bucket, two-jaw dredging grab, grader bucket with the bucket incline drive, and others.

Today, the EO-41211A comprises 90% of domestically manufactured components. In choosing the hydraulics, the preference was given to a South Korean manufacturer. The machine is planned to subsequently consist of 100% Russian components.

‘All the components of this machine, without exception, meet the highest standards, including the engine, hydraulics, and electronics. I’m sure we’ve chosen the right sizes and opted for the right design and excavator attachments’, - said Andrei Terlikov, Director General and Chief Designer of the Urals Transport Engineering Bureau, as he commented on EO-41211A. ‘Our task is to return to that market segment. This model is very competitive and we hope that in the near future, Uralvagonzavod will regain its niche and then we’ll see excavators featuring the UVZ logo on our roads and in quarries.'

As early as the first day of the event, many current and potential partners took interest in this newest development. Delegations of a number of countries, including India, Saudi Arabia and Korea attended the Corporation’s display stand. Victor Voropayev, UVZ Deputy Director General, noted that the Corporation, supported by the Russian Ministry of Trade and Industry, is already acquiring new sales markets of road construction equipment in India, Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. The latter has voiced its desire both to buy the road construction equipment and to establish its production in the country.