Sep 20, 2016

Preparations begin for the RAE 2017 international arms exhibition

The organisers have launched the active stage in the preparations for the 11th International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition, to be held from 6 through 9 September 2017 at the Nizhniy Tagil Institute of Metals Testing demonstration and exhibition centre. Currently, the process is under way for setting up the federal Organising Committee for the exhibition, the first meeting possibly being scheduled for November this year.

The exhibition website at has started up with a new design and navigation. The RAE 2017 website has been made more up-to-date, convenient and functional. All the latest information about the preparations for and holding of the international exhibition, which is among the Top-5 global salons for ground-based equipment, will be available online. The main specific feature of Russia ARMS EXPO has traditionally been the large-scale demonstration of the operational and military qualities of the armaments and military equipment and a modern shooting range allows all types of small arms to be demonstrated.

The organisers of RAE 2017 will prepare surprises for the participants and visitors, including a night-time demonstration of the capabilities of the military equipment.

Russia ARMS EXPO is one of the biggest international exhibitions of Russian and foreign-made output, which has been held at the Nizhniy Tagil Armaments and Military Equipment Demonstration and Exhibition Centre since 1999. Holding of the event is regulated by Directive of the Government of the Russian Federation.