Jan 12, 2017

UVZ Corporation, the Best Military Vehicle Producer

Two vehicles of the UVZ Corporation, tank T-90 and heavy flame thrower TOS-1 Buratino, rank among the five world best military vehicles as rated by the China Military portal. Chinese experts acknowledge the vehicles to be the world news stars of the previous year.

The list is headed by main battle tank T-90 produced by the UVZ Corporation principal enterprise. As to the portal opinion, it ‘starred’ in the Syrian government army. Foreign experts believe the Russian tank facilitated strategic upsetin the Islamist group confrontation and demonstrated amazing survivability.  

Another Russian in the Chinese list is heavy flame thrower TOS-1 Buratino produced by Omsktransmash, the UVZ Corporation member. Aside from Syria, the Russian weapons have spread in Iraq as well. It is this ‘ablaze’ flame thrower, an ideal annihilation weapon with 300 sq.m. coverage, that has became best known. Experts characterize this flame thrower as ‘plain and rough’. Mosul liberation experience is the proof that it is one of the most effective antiterrorism weapons.