Aug 31, 2011

UVZ Combat Vehicles Moved across Main Square of Kazakhstan

Three types of special vehicles produced by the corporation took part in a parade dedicated to the Constitution Day, one of the most important holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The UVZ vehicles opened the solemn parade of the military vehicles of the Kazakh ground army forces: the first to move across the central square of Astana were tanks Т-72Б, which were followed by the most advanced model designed by the UVZ special vehicles division which is a tank support combat vehicle. The latter represents a newly developed model of military equipment characterized by a high level of protection, firepower and controllability.

Kazakhstan has bought the first three units of tank support combat vehicles (БМПТ) to include into its arsenal while these vehicles are not included into the Russian army arsenal.

Besides, units of heavy flame thrower system (TOC-1) took part in the parade. TOC-1 has been elaborated at the Omsk site of the corporation by OJSC “KBTM”. It is able to kill a target at the range of 6 kilometres and is designed for enemy destruction by means of pressure changes. These combat vehicles have been in service in Kazakhstan for a short time, for the first time in its whole history UVZ has supplied the newly developed models to one of the CIS countries.

UVZ Chief Executive Officer Oleg Sienko assisted at the holiday as a guest of honour. He noted that it was great honour to the corporation to take part in such a significant for the Republic event. At present UVZ cooperation with Kazakhstan has been developing. A joint programme has been defined in collaboration with Kazakhstan Engineering. In the framework of the programme modernization of military equipment will be carried out and production of definite types of this equipment will be set up. Besides, entry of the corporation into the Kazakh rolling stock market is underway. For this purpose UVZ is planning to purchase several assets in the territory of Kazakhstan.