Jul 17, 2012

UVZ and Bombardier tie-up

URALVAGONZAVOD Corporation and Bombardier signed a set of agreements on manufacturing trams and metro coaches in Russia during the first day of the Ural International Exhibition and Forum of Industry and Innovation INNOPROM. CEO of OJSC «RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CORPORATION «URALVAGONZAVOD» Oleg Sienko, President and Chief Operating Officer of Bombardier Transportation André NAVARRI and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev were present at the signing of the agreements.

According to this unique agreement modern manufacturing technologies are to be transferred to Russia and UVZ staff will be trained at Bombardier plants in Europe. Moreover, the agreement suggests collaborative design and production engineering. It is the first time Bombardier is engaged in such partnership. The parties intend to localize 50% of production at the start-up phase of collaboration. Manufacturing of tram cars and further — ultramodern metro coaches will be based at one of the UVZ production sites. Bombardier most advanced designs will be produced by UVZ Corporation and altered to its requirements. In particular, world known designers will project the cars to tailor them to the customers’ wants, so that each cities’ rail vehicles will have unique designs.

Dmitry Medvedev visited UVZ and Bombardier joint show stand called «The future Urban Transport» prior to the signing of the agreements. There Mr Medvedev saw an actual-sized driver’s cab of Bombardier low-floor Flexity tram. This vehicle have advanced comfort features, operating efficiency, wide doors and level entrances that allow quick and effortless passenger transfer especially for the disabled and people pushing baby carriages. Another advantage of the trams is low levels of noise and reduced wear of the wheels, which allows reducing costs for service and maintenance. Bombardier Flexity trams consume considerably less power, which is a top worldwide trend in urban electric transport.

Today trams are considered to be convenient, cost-efficient and eco-friendly and a lot of effort is put worldwide to develop them. Bombardier metro cars and trams provide reliable passenger service in cities around the globe.