May 21, 2013

T-90S: left in Peru for Trials

Admiral Jose Cueto Aservi, the head of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces of Peru, has visited the UVZ exhibition stand. At the sand of Research and Production Corporation «URALVAGONZAVOD» Admiral Aservi was interviewed by the Peruvian national television. He said that the Russian T-90 tank was the major exhibit at SITDEF 2013 and its capabilities and capacities deserved the highest possible ratings.

The exhibition stand has also been visited by the Deputy Minister of Defence of Peru retired Rear Admiral Mario Sanchez de Bernardi and Commander-in-Chief Land Forces Ricardo Moncada Novoa. The machine was shown in detailed presentation to military officers and military academy students. The Peruvian military have shown interest in this fighting vehicle for a long time. The Russian tank is superior to foreign machines in terms of price and quality. It shows capabilities and performance that are up to and even surpass the latest models of foreign weapons.

The T-90S is designed for operation in any light conditions and in emergency situations, among its features are high reliability and simplicity of the design of all components, assemblies and systems. Moreover, the cost of training crews and specialists are minimal. Today, T-90 is in service with the armies of many countries. May 17, the third day of the exhibition SITDEF-2013, a delegation headed by the Commander-in-Chief Land Forces of Peru Ricardo Moncada Novoa visited the stand of the corporation Uralvagonzavod for the second time.

Commander-in-Chief personally studied a full-scale working model of the T-90S. Design features of the model of the armoured vehicle were shown in detail. Afterwards, the Commander-in-Chief Land Forces of the Republic of Peru, the OJSC «Rosoboronexport» and OJSC «Research and Production Corporation «URALVAGONZAVOD» had negotiations and as a result, decided to leave the T-90S to show the senior military authorities of Peru.