May 26, 2014

UVZ Innovations Demonstrated at KADEX-2014

At the third KADEX-2014 international exhibition opened on May 22 in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, UVZ demonstrated three full-scale exhibits and one full-scale model to display the state-of-the-art developments from different enterprises that make a part of the integrated structure.

The exhibition stand and the UVZ open exposition were attended by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitri Rogozin and Minister of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov on the opening day.

Special representative for UVZ's military-and-technology cooperation Aleksey Maslov demonstrated the tank support fire fighting vehicle "Terminator-2" (BMPT-72) developed by design engineers of UKBTM JSC (Nizhni Tagil). This breakthrough modernisation of T-72, the world famous tank produced by UralVagonZavod, shows a high level of firepower, protection and command control. BMPT-72 is demonstrated internationally for the first time.

The exhibition guests also showed their interest in PTS-4, the amphibious tracked vehicle developed by KBTM JSC (Omsk). The amphibious tracked vehicle is among land and water-going ‘amphibia’ vehicles. It is able to carry different cargoes and people. Thanks to such a vehicle, we may benefit from carrying heavy equipment, which is the key advantage. Last year, PTS-4 was recorded in the supply line of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This year, the company makes it a task to output the civil modification of the vehicle that did turn out to be in great demand.

The exposition also included two development targets completed by the Central Research Institute Burevestnik JSC (Nizhni Novgorod), namely the check-out vehicle (KPM) 1И37Эand a full-scale model of the ‘ATOM’ heavy wheeled infantry fighting vehicle.

The check-out vehicle (KPM) 1И37Э is intended for the maintenance and operating repairs of the weapons, fire control system, automated weapon system (KUV) for Т-72, Т-80 and Т-90 tanks, mechanised antitank weapon 2С25, and for making tank and antitank guns ready for firing, etc.

The ‘ATOM’ infantry fighting vehicle equipped with a 57 mm automatic cannon (jointly developed by the Central Research Institute Burevestnik and the French Company RenaultTrucksDefenсe) is intended for the transportation of motorised infantry subdivisions, vehicular combat delivering and infantry fire support. The weapon station equipped with a 57 mm automatic cannon ensures the day-and-night as well as at-halt and in-motion detection and firing of lightly armoured and soft targets, armoured troops, aircraft targets, such as BPLA, precision elements of weapons, aircrafts and helicopters.

UralVagonZavod’s stand expanded the gift shop of the corporation, The Russian and foreign delegations showed their interest in the updated fashion line.