Jun 03, 2014

Promising Market

Oleg Sienko, the head of the Russian mission to the Russian-Algerian Business Council, paid a two-day visit to Algeria to participate in the extended meeting of the Russian and Algerian missions to the Russian-Algerian Business Council.

While making his speech, Oleg Sienko stressed the importance of efficient work of the Russian-Algerian Business Council to promote the effective cooperation between the two countries. In particular, the CEO of UralVagonZavod noted: ‘The Russian-Algerian Business Council was established in March 2006 and has proved itself to be an efficient mechanism that contributes to the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between our friendly nations. I have the honour of having been in charge of the Secretariat of the Russian-Algerian Business Council since October 2012; the Secretariat makes every effort to promote bilateral cooperation within the framework of the existing forms and mechanisms of bilateral partnership.’ Oleg Sienko also put forward a proposal to establish the Russian-Algerian Investment Fund with a view to implementing joint projects.

During his visit, the CEO of UVZ also held several meetings with Algerian public authorities and business entities, such as those with Mr Mohamed Djellab, the Minister of Finance of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria; Mr Amar Tou, Algeria’s Minister of Transport; Mr Izraymi, the co-chairman of the Algerian mission to the Russian-Algerian Business Council; Mr Dzhamel Daudi, the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Annaba; Mr Melek Salakh, the CEO of EPE FERROVIAL Spa.

On 29 May, the CEO of UralVagonZavod together with Mr Abdelmalek Sellal, Prime Minister of Algeria, and the delegation of officials from the Algerian Government participated in the official opening of the Russian exposition at the 47th international Algerian fair, following which the Prime Minister of Algeria visited the UVZ Corporation’s stand at the fair.