Dec 16, 2014

UVZ management and products awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation

OJSC “Research and Production Corporation “URALVAGONZAVOD” became the winner of the annual national award of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality, in the category of companies with over 1,000 employees. The prestigious award was given to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 1253 of November 27, 2014 “for achieving significant results in the field of quality of products and services and implementing highly-efficient methods of quality management”.

 Uralvagonzavod applied for the award for the first time. The award is considered the highest governmental assessment of a company in the field of quality management and is regarded as one of the most important incitements for innovations and competitiveness of Russian companies and the economy of the country.

The victory was achieved through a long competition. At the first extra-mural stage the secretariat of the Award Council (OJSC “VNIIS”) reviewed the materials. For that UVZ Corporation got the required number of points to continue the contest. At the second stage worked directly in Nizhny Tagil. There were nine evaluation criteria: the leading role of the top management; policy and strategy of the company in the field of quality; staff; partnership and resources; processes, products and services; customer satisfaction regarding quality of products and services; staff satisfaction; the impact of the company on society and results of company’s work. Members of the commission visited almost all the production departments of URALVAGONZAVOD, talked to managers, employees and workers. They studied the objects of social sphere. As a result, the competition commission highly appreciated what they have seen and the points scored by the company at the first stage significantly rose.

Participation and winning the award grant UVZ Corporation an image of the leader, a reputation of a reliable manufacturer of high-quality and competitive products and services, attract new partners and customers, maintain and increase existing market share, lead to higher profits and open up new business prospects. From now on, URALVAGONZAVOD has the right to put the symbol of the Award on communication materials and company documents.

Along with URALVAGONZAVOD another nine Russian companies were awarded.