Feb 19, 2015

Uralvagonzavod Railway Products in Focus of African Company Interest

The Uralvagonzavod specialists held a meeting with the delegation of company Rift Valley Railways maintaining the railways of Kenya and Rwanda. The delegation visited the UVZ corporation principal enterprise to discuss the prospects for railway vehicle cooperation, particularly the UVZ possible tendering for 480 1-m gauge flat cars. The tender is issued at marketplace B2B-EXPORT. The potential customers are also interested in the tank cars produced by JSC “Uralcryomash”.

The Tagil products have preponderance of order schedules, price and quality compared to those of the competitors and satisfy the customers fully. To demonstrate the products, the delegation was shown the enterprise railway vehicles of all models exhibited in the Uralvagonzavod open-air museum. The delegation from Africa found UVZ authoritative. The enterprise long history, extensive facilities and in-house R&D capabilities impressed the foreign visitors.

Now the potential of the 1-m gauge railway vehicle manufacture is under consideration at the principal enterprise of the corporation. The gauge is used in the rapidly developing countries of Africa and South America. The customers consider Uralvagonzavod to have competitive advantages in the market of such railway vehicles. Among such advantages are quality and price of the vehicles.