Feb 26, 2015

Presentation of RAE 2015 in Abu Dhabi

Within IDEX 2015, Denis Manturov, Minister of Trade and Industry of the RF presented RussiaArmsExpo 2015, the X International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition, which will take place this year from September 9 to September 12 in Nizhniy Tagil. The Chief told the potential partners about the unique possibilities of the Russian Exhibition.

The Minister communicated to mass-media representatives that the Russian delegation is actively promoting the Russian Armament Exhibition. In particular, he informed that he has invited the official UAE delegation to visit RAE2015.

«The main difference between our exhibition and IDEX is that at RussiaArmsExpo in Nizhny Tagil it is possible to conduct field firing, which is unfortunately not possible here, in UAE. We demonstrate the equipment with combat employment and this is the zest of the Nizhny Tagil exhibition which we try to convey to the maximum number of potential participants», – Minister of Trade and Industry said.

RussiaArmsExpo 2015, the X International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition may become the largest from the point of view of arrangement of demonstration of the newest developments of Russian and Foreign MIC – from tanks to air drones. At the world’s only training area comprising large paths for automotive and armored vehicles, water training area, paths with obstacles, helicopter landing grounds, shooting gallery and  artillery positions, it is planned to demonstrate fighting and operational characteristics of the newest military developments.

The key concepts of the exhibition this year will be weapons and military equipment, armament, air drones, ammunitions and their components, equipment and logistical facilities, equipment simulators and technical training aids, railway machines and equipment. Show program will include demonstrational shoots of mechanized artillery, field artillery, tank artillery, anti-tank artillery, anti-aircraft artillery, naval artillery, and aviation artillery.

Together with Denis Manturov, the presentation was participated by the exhibition promoters - Oleg Sienko, Director General of Uralvagonzavod, NPC and Anatoliy Kitsura, Director General of Business Dialogue, LLC.