May 21, 2015

URALVAGONZAVOD, Symbol of Azerbaijan Railways Makeover

OPEN JOINT STOCK COMPANY “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CORPORATION “URALVAGONZAVOD” (UVZ) participated for the first time in the International Transport, Transit and Logistics Exhibition, “TransCaspian 2015” which took place in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on 12-14 May, and displayed to its visitors 7 types of railway vehicles at both the outdoor area near the UVZ pavilion and Baku-Passazhirskaya railway station.

The idea of URALVAGONZAVOD to make such a spectacular presentation of its products was inspired by close cooperation with Azerbaijan government institutions. In March this year a supply contract was signed with “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC for freight railcars of various models, such as gondola cars, box cars, grain cars, bulk-cement cars, different flat cars, hoppers and ballast hoppers – to the number of 2’900 pieces during this year and 14’000 in total.

Oleg Sienko, UVZ CEO, emphasized that the export of transport machinery products has become one of the UVZ key activities in the current conditions. Mutual understanding and long-term cooperation with foreign partners such as Azerbaijan is the cornerstone of consistent operation of all companies constituting the integrated structure of UVZ.

“We are showing here today the steps we have made together with Azerbaijan Railways to upgrade their rolling stock. These comprise railcars which have already been supplied as well as new models we are promoting to this market”, the Head of UVZ Corporation stated.

The first four railcars supplied as a pilot lot under the contract will be on public display on rail tracks near Baku-Passazhirskaya platform during all 3 days of the exhibition. The samples displayed are 12-132 gondola car, 11-9962 box car, 23-469-07 flat car and 19-9950 hopper.

As far as 11-132 gondola car is concerned, it is the most mass-produced railcar in the CIS territory and designed for transportation of loose, lumpy or piece cargoes that do not require protection from atmosphere precipitation.

The second part of the exposition is displayed right in front of the UVZ pavilion at the TransCaspian 2015 exhibition site. It is dedicated to new products offered for export. First and foremost, it is the TMB-2 multifunctional vehicle – an effective alternative to diesel-locomotive shunter.

TMB-2 is a stand-alone project with framed structure rather than designed on the basis of other machines. This is the distinctive feature of the product whose history of mass production began in 2014 and that has been displayed at exhibitions as an innovative road and rail vehicle. In 2013, the unit has successfully passed operational tests at the Kurgan rail depot – on a par with a diesel-locomotive shunter the TMB-2 moved gondola cars, flat cars and tank cars along the track. It was also used as a tow car for heavy trucks stuck in the snow.

Another experimental TMB-2 vehicle worked for 2000 engine hourstransporting refractory, ceramic and molding clay at the quarries of “Chelyabinskoye radioupravleniye” (Chelyabinsk ore mine management company). TMB-2 tractive forceof 700 tons ensures the transportation of up to 15 cars and tank cars (technically more than 2000 tons, under ideal conditions). This vehicle may be used for deliveries of hydraulic-powered instruments and equipment, for prompt troubleshooting on railway tracks and crossings as well as for special, emergency and rescue operations.

In addition to the railcar traction unit the corporation introduced two tank containers (КЦ25/1,8 and КЦХ25/0,4) manufactured by JSC “Uralcryomash” and designed for safe transportation of liquefied petroleum gases, light oil products and heavy chemicals. An important advantage of these tank containers over its competitors is its mere design – fastening elements not only allow to securely fasten the container on the vehicle, but also to stack the containers on top of each other in several tiers which significantly reduces the warehousing.

During tour of the TransCaspian 2015 by Musa Panahov, Deputy Minister of Transport of Azerbaijan, and Javid Gambar oglu Gurbanov, Chairman of “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC, Oleg Sienko, UVZ CEO, personally made a presentation of the TMB-2 multifunctional vehicle and the tank containers displayed at the UVZ exhibition booth. He drew the guests’ attention to multimodality of the containers, be it transportation by sea, rail or road.

Given that 70% of Azerbaijan GDP depends on oil and gas, transportation of these specific products is particularly important. Containers manufactured by URALVAGONZAVOD have the certificate of the maritime register recognized worldwide, and hence may be used for international carriage.

The close cooperation of UVZ with the Republic of Azerbaijan will continue and expand.

As Oleg Sienko noted, Azerbaijan Railways are developing very actively today. A lot has been done lately, especially with the appointment of the new chairman. As soon as the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway and the Southern Corridor are launched into operation, the industry will get an even bigger impetus to development. We, on our part, try to stick to our contracts, fulfill all the obligations towards the customer and move forward.”