Jun 17, 2015

UVZ corporation demonstrated its novelties at “Army-2015” forum

Uralvagonzavod corporation rented 500 m2 of open-air space at the first International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2015”, where it exhibited a wide range of full-scale samples of its products.

JSC “Central Research Institute “Burevestnik” (Nizhny Novgorod) became a headliner of the exposition demonstrating a breakthrough modernized version of BTR-80 for the first time in the world. The modernization kit includes a 14,5 mm remotely operated combat module; a complex of means of protection, including latticed screens, internal fragment protection panels, polymer composite wheel protection caps, a navigation system with a tactical terminal, a digital cryptographically protected communication complex; a 360° field of view external video surveillance system “transparent armor”; air conditioning system. The modernization kit, while keeping the APC mobile, increases the combat capabilities two times, increases the degree of protection, ergonomics and team controllability. The increase of the armament’s effectiveness is reached due to the possibility of its 24 hours and all-weather use combined with the possibility of gun-fire while moving and afloat, the increase of the grouping of shots and the increase to 700 shells per a cartridge belt. A new radio set, survey control, satellite navigation system, laser range-finder and other option are included in the kit. The kit demonstrated has great opportunities in military-technical cooperation and can be also adjusted to other modifications of APCs and MICVs.

A variant of putting the 82 mm 2B24 mortar on the RM500 6X4ATV became yet another premiere at the forum from JSC “Central Research Institute “Burevestnik”, which is a part of UVZ corporation. 2B14 mortar, which surpasses foreign analogues, was created for the mountain and airborne assault brigades of the Land Army, the airborne troops, and the Navy marines. It is intended to defeat the enemy’s manpower, firepower and non-armored vehicles located in the open or in unprotected field shelters, including back inclines of heights. The target is guaranteed to be hit from the distance up to 6 km. The mortar used to be carried up to this distance knocked-down only and its parts were distributed among five members of a group. But mounting it on an ATV provides for a much higher mobility of the mortar complex because of the travel speed increase up to 80 km/h, for a shorter installation time because it is carried assembled, for a 10 times bigger ammunition load and a possibility to reduce the number of personnel in the group to just 2 persons.

A 57-mm artillery piece AU-220M is displayed for the first time too. It is supposed to be mounted on perspective and modernized armored vehicles. An uninhabited module’s rate of fire is 120 shots per minute, and the distance is up to 12 km. The module can rotate 360° horizontally and from -5° to 75° vertically. Nowadays APCs or MICVs capable of surviving through the hit of AU-220M do not exist.

Uralvagonzavod corporation also exhibited fire support combat vehicle BMPT-72 (a.k.a. Terminator-2), an export version of T-90S tank, the newest modernization of T-72BZ tank, KPM 1I37E check & test vehicle, 6S21 turrets, 2B24 and 2B25 mortars at the forum.