Tank container

Technical description
General Information
Tankage, l 25000
Overall dimensions, mm 6058x2438x2591
Max gross weight, kg 24000
Empty weight, t 6.5
Payload, kg 17500
Max operating pressure, MPa 1.8
Test pressure, MPa 2.4
Temperature From minus 40°C to plus 50°C
Material Low-alloy steel of grade 10G2FB TU 14-1-4034-96
List of Transportable Products
Butane UN 1011
Inhibited butadienes UN 1010
Butylene UN 1012
Cyclopropane Un1027
Isobutylene Un1055
Isobutane and mixtures Un1969
Propane UN 1978
Additional information

Tank container KC-25/1,8 is a multipurpose tare for liquefied gas filling, long-term tankage, discharge, and transportation by road, rail, sea, and river without product intermediate transshipment.    

In comparison with Russian analogues this model has the advantage of lower empty weight (i. e. 6.5 t). Besides, this model can be equipped with shut-off and safety fittings produced by the Fort Vale company. The design of tank container KC-25/1,8 provides combined product discharge-filling (If required, plugs can be installed instead of upper or lower set of fittings).

Tank container KC-25/1,8 has the certificates of the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping and operation license of the Federal Service of Ecological, Technological, and Atomic Supervision (the RF Agency for Engineering Supervision).