Wheel Excavator

Technical description
Extra Implements
Main bucket, m3 0.85
Additional bucket, m3 1.05
Narrow bucket, m3 0.42
Ripper, kg 211
Hydraulic hammer MG-300-1
Pumping Unit
Capacity, m3/h 100
Thrust, m 20
Max welding current, А 180
Welding time, min 5
General Information
Operating weight, kg 1800
Max overall dimensions in transport position,
Length 9550
Width 2500
Height 3680
Min digging depth, m 5.8
Min digging radius, m 9.2
Min dumping height, m 6.5
Max digging force, kN (tf) 111 (11.1)
Excavator speed, km/h 8-25
Additional information

Excavator EO-33211AK is designed to recover engineering communications and public utilities. Keeping all advantages of basic model EO-33211A, the excavator is additionally equipped with pumping and welding units, which enable to minimize the number of vehicles, manpower and time at laying, repairing, and replacing pipelines.

The excavator can excavate, pump water from pits, and weld pipelines and metal structures.