Third-Generation Main battle tank

Technical description
Running Gear
Suspension, type Torsion
Shock absorbers, type Hydraulic, vane-type (6pcs)
Number of road wheels and track support rollers per one side 6 road wheel 3 track support roller
Track With stamped tracks and rubber-bushed gearing, adapted to accommodate rubber pads
Crew friendliness The conditioner is available
Power Train
Type Mechanical, with transmission gear unit, two final gear boxes and coaxial final drives
Number of gears Seven-forward and one-reverse
Stopping brake Disk type. Oil operated
Drive control Drive control
Power Plant
Engine type B-92C2 (diesel)
Gross horsepower, kW (hp) 736 (1000)
Number of cylinders, pc 12
Cylinder arrangement V-type, at 60°
Mobility and Cross-Country Ability
Max highway speed, km/h 60
Fuel distance with barrels, km 550
Trench, m 2.6 ... 2.8
Obstacle ability, m 0.85
Armour guard, type Combined turret from the rolled armour
Explosive reactive armour, type Multipurpose
Opto-electronic suppression system Available
NBC protection system Crew protection
Fire Control System
Commander’s sighting and vision system T01-K04
Gunner’s range finder 1G46
Double control of the fire from the commander’s station Available
Gunner’s night sight Thermal Imager ESSA
Night identification range of tank side projection, m 4000
Antiaircraft sight PZU-7
General Information
Combat weight, t 46.5
Crew 3
Length with gun, mm:
Gun forward 9430
Gun model 2A46M
Bore size, mm 125
Rate of fire, rounds/min 7
Ammunition allowance (including automatic loading gear) 42 (22)
Ammunition type
Stabilizer, type Electrohydraulic power elevation Electromechanical power traverse
Auxiliary armament: antiaircraft machine gun mount
Bore size, mm 7.62
Model 6P7K
Ammunition allowance, pcs 2000
Auxiliary armament: machine gun
Bore size, mm 12.7
Ammunition allowance, pcs 300
Guided weapon 9K119
Round of guided missile ZUBK14 with missile 9M119 ZUBK20 with missile 9M119 M
Missile guidance system
Maximum range of fire, m 5000