Obstacle remover

Technical description
General Information
Fuel distance on highway without barrels 500
Engine Four-stroke multifuel diesel V-84MS, 840 hp
Ground clearance, mm 426
Shallow fording depth (without preparation), m 1.2
Armament 12.7 mm antiaircraft machine gun mount, enclosed, independent
Max overhall dimensions in travel position, mm:
Length, mm 9320
Width, mm 3500
Height, mm 3430
Telescopic full-circle boom with manipulator
Max lifting capacity, t 2
Min dump height, m 3.5
Bucket grab capacity, m3 0.35
Multipurpose blade
height, mm 1000
Dozer position, mm 3400
Grader position, mm 3231
Max penetration, mm 450
Making passages
In stone obstructions, m/h 280..350
In abatises, m/h 350..400
In mine fields, km/h 5..12
Filling in ditches, trenches, m3/h 350..360
Making slopes on steep river and gully banks up to 6 m high, m3/h 350..400
Removing snow from roads and laying roads in snow fields with 1.2-m snow depth, km/h 15
Cutting, m3/h 200..250
Soil loading, m3/h 15..20
Control of special equipment remote, electrohydraulic
Additional information


  • vision devices;
  • communication facilities;
  • NBC protection system;
  • filter-ventilator unit;
  • chemical agent detectors;
  • fire fighting equipment;
  • smoke-generating equipment;
  • SPTA set