Armoured deminer

Technical description
Mine clearing equipment: tread mine clearer KMT-7 with electromagnetic attachment
mine clearing speed, km/h 5...12
Cargo bed, capacity, t 5
Crane boom with ratchet winch
max capacity, t 2.5
RFI transmitter to ensure non-explosion of mines with radio proximity fuses
Individual night vision device 1PN63M for crew and field engineers
Crew survival facilities to ensure two-day crew operation in enclosed vehicle
Underwater stream-crossing equipment
Entrenching equipment.
Overhall dimensions, mm
length, mm 6920
width, mm 3810
height, mm 2960
conventional weapon protection
armoring with antimine bottom protection
deforming coating
NBC protection
General Information
Vehicle weight with mine clearer KMT-7, t 51
Crew, men 2
Places for field engineers 3
Engine four-stroke multi-fuel diesel V-84MS, 840 hp
Armament antiaircraft machine gun mount, independent, enclosed, 12.7 mm
Max speed, km/h 50
Deep fording by snorkeling
width, m 1000
depth, m 5