T-90S Modernized
Main battle tank

Technical description
Conditioner may be integrated on request
Auxiliary diesel-generator may be integrated
Min rated electric power, kW 7
Engine V-92S2F
Power, kW (hp) 831 (1130)
Power train with automatic gear shifter and steering wheel control
Max speed on highway, km/h 60
Max fording depth, m 1.8
Max deep fording with USCE, m 5 (width up to 1000 m)
Armour protection combined, with modular ERA and ERA panels mounted on rear and side projections
Screening system optoelectronic, against anti-tank means with laser homing heads and range finders
NBC protection system collective, with system PKUZ-1A
Electromagnetic protection system yes
-fighting equipment quick-action
Crew protection from secondary flux of tank fragments anti-fragmentation panels made of aramid fabric
Fire Control System
Main gunner’s sight multichannel with sighting and thermal channels, laser range finder, built-in laser control channel
Magnification of sighting channel 4; 12
Max identification range of tank target via sighting channel, m 5000
Min identification range of tank target via thermal channel, m 3500
Max range measured by range finder, m 7500
Commander’s sight combined panoramic with television and thermal channels and laser range finder
Max range measured by range finder, m 7500
Parallel sight with dependent sighting line
Min identification range of tank target, m
by day 2000
at twilight 1000
Ballistic computer electronic, digital with a set of weather and topographical sending units and barrel straightness monitor
Automatic target tracking independently provided from the gunner’s and commander’s stations with “gunner-hunter” mode implementation
Weapon stabilizer improved two-axis with electromechanical power traverse and electrohydraulic power elevation
Guided weapon system yes
Min turret power traverse slew rate, deg/sec 40
General Information
Combat weight, t 48
Crew 3
Length with gun, mm:
Gun model 2A46M-5
Bore size, mm 125
Ammunition allowance 40
Ammunition type
Auxiliary armament: antiaircraft machine gun mount
Bore size, mm 7.62
Model 6P7K
Ammunition allowance, pcs 2000
Cartridges for antiaircraft machine gun mount, pcs 800