Armored recovery vehicle

Technical description
Special-purpose equipment
Cargo platform
Load-carrying ability, kgf 1500
Dimentions, m 1.7x1.4
Load-carrying ability, kgf 20 000
Load-carrying ability with re-fit, kgf 26 000
Hook lifting height above the ground, m 5.98 max
Hook outreach, m 5.30 max
Blade width, m 3.1
Blade depth, m 0.45 max
Semi-rigid towing attachment with bars with inner amortization
Weight of a towed object, kgf 50 000
Towing winch
Towing power, kgf 35 000 max
Towing power with pulleys, kgf 140 000 max
Cable length, m 200
Cable winding speed, m/s 0.217
Auxiliary winch
Towing power, kgf 530 max
Cable length, m 400
Anti-aircraft machine gun mount
Type Standalone, open
Control Manual
Time of set-up from marching mode, min 1
Machine gun
Model 6P50
Bore, mm 12.7
Effective fire rate, shot/min 650-750
Firing method Manual
Feed Belt
Rounds per belt, items 60
Ammunition load, items 350
Target engagement accuracy range, m
Air targets 1500 max
Ground targets 2000 max
Machine gun firing angle, °
Horizontal 360 With antenna of bupassing and the cargo platform
Elevation 75 min
Depression 5 min
Elevation angle of the machine-gun in the area of the cargo platform, ° 35 min
Weight, kg 25
Sight VK-10T
Sighting telescope Collimating
Mobility and manoeuverability
Engine Four-stroke polydiesel engine V-92S2 with liquid cooling and turbocharging from supercharger
Power, h.p. 1000
Cruising fuel range (with external fuel tanks), km:
On highway 700
On dirt road 460-650
On dirt road with a towed average tank 150-430
Overcoming obstacles:
Ascendinding angle, ° 30 max
Banking angle, ° 25 max
Ditch width, m 2.6-2.8
Wall height, m 0.85
Fordable depth (unprepared), m 1.2
River obstacles with DFK, at current velocity up to 1.5 m/s, m:
Width up yo 1000
Depth up to 5
General Information
Weight, with SPTA containers on the cargo platform, t 45
Crew, ppl 3
Length, mm 7980
Width, mm 3460 (3370)
Height, mm 2425
Clearance, mm 404