T-72 Modernized
Main battle tank

Technical description
General Information
Weight, t 46
Power-to-weight ratio, hp/t 21.7
Average speed on dirt road, km/h 35-45
Max speed on highway, km/h 65
Main gunner’s vision device Multichannel, combined with optical channel, thermal channel, laser range finder and missile laser control channel; with two-axis independent stabilization; parallel sight TPDK-1
Gunner’s night vision device Thermal channel of main vision device
Identification range at night, m 3000 ... 3500
Ballistic computer Electronic, digital, with set of sending units
Commander’s vision device Day and night sighting and vision system PNK-4
Identification range, m
by day: 4000
at night: 1000
Weapon stabilizer Two-axis, with electromechanical power traverse and compact electrohydraulic power elevation
Automatic target tracker option
Gun, type, bore size 2A46M, smoothbore, 125 mm, enhances grouping of fire and effective fire range
Automatic loader stowage and loading of artillery rounds
Guided weapon system type 9K119, fire with missile by gunner and commander from halts and on the move in the daytime and at night at a range up to 5000 m
12.7- mm antiaircraft machine gun mount independent, enclosed, with remote electromechanical power traverse
Additional protection of tank front against ADPS/HEAT universal modular ERA
Smoke grenade launching system automated screening system "Shtora-1"
Grenade 3D7
Max time to screen, s 3
Fire fighting equipment 3EC13-1, automatic, fast-acting
NBC protection system automatic, collective; system PKUZ-1A
Electromagnetic protection Option, protection against mines with magnetometric fuses
Engine: type, model, gross horsepower, hp. (kW) diesel V-92S2, 1000 (736)
Gear shifting automatic, with possible manual gear shifting
Track type with stamped track link units, with rubber-bushed parallel pin-jointed cog meshing adapted to accommodate rubber pads
Navigation system satellite navigation and interaction system, gyro direction indicator GPK-59
Communication facilities radio set R-168-25UE-2, interphone system R-168 ABSK-B
Driver’s night vision device TBN-5
Visibility range, m 180