TRACTOR SPECIAL Effective alternative Shunter

Technical description
Kranomanipulyatornoya installation MI-150M
Type boom articulated jib crane
General information
Carrying capacity, kg 10000
Gauge of railway, mm 1520
Dimensions, mm:
Length 9000
Width 2500
Height 3900
Weight, kg 6500
Environment in which
CMU is operated, temperature, °C -40° ...+40°
Load moment, tm 12.10
Payload, t:
Max 5.90
at the maximum radius of 1.50
Outreach, m:
Max 7.90
minimum 2.05
Additional information

Special tractor TMV-1 is an effective option to diesel-locomotive shunter. The tractor features high mobility which allows to carry out wider range of works with minimal economic expenses and to make reasonable use of machinery and manpower.

The special tractor is designed to perform the following:

  • To transport railway cars with total weight of 300 t from railway station to repair depot and back
  • To clean railway tracks, found in the factory territory, and highways from snow and waste

To carry out the above works, tractor TMV-1 is equipped with automatic coupler SA-3, radio set, and rotary snow thrower. Tractor TMV-1 can be used to transport automobile trailers.

It takes max 5 minutes to install tractor TMV-1 on rail tracks if special platform (i.e. grade crossing) is available, and max 2 minutes to remove it from rail tracks.